Modern Music (Very Patrick-Sounding)

  • Lebkuchen, Marienplatz captures the feeling of a magical moment in a German Christmas market. I wrote and recorded this using Logic Pro X.
  • Cold Wind on a Clear Night was written as three musical postcards from an evening in Sweden when it began to snow.

Bigband Arranging

  • Joshua Fought the Battle is a classic spiritual song that I orchestrated for bigband. That’s me playing the baritone sax intro.
  • Dia De los Muertos was commissioned by CoMA Limerick and is played here by the Homerton Jazz Orchestra.


I lived in Ireland for 10 years and the influence can be heard through all of my music.

  • Tabhair Dom Do Lamh is a 17th-century Irish harp composition arranged for the very modern Blue Monk Saxophone Quartet.
  • Solitary Andromeda in on my first wooden flute CD. It is long out of print and people still ask me for it. Here you go…

Live Flute

Performing at The University of Cambridge with Siddharth Pandey and his composition Flow.


Email: patrick.olsen [at]